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About Us

A Unique Vision of the Future, Today

The original concept of Realistix Solutions was conceived in 2005 as the brainchild of the company's principles who had worked professionally for over twenty years within the travel trade industry in online and marketing fields. The objective was to create a clearly defined, well structured travel booking tool in the form of a free, online subscription service. The service was to offer flexible, fast and easy access to high-demand travel booking resources. The vision was of a simple yet powerful tool anchored to niche travel resources, delivered in a unique user friendly manner with on-hand support available.

Once formally established, Realistix Solutions pooled speciality travel resources from the various affiliations, partnerships and relationships forged throughout their years in the travel industry, developing them into the free online service that was envisioned. A proprietor web browser was created, offering seamless choice of access to the online service and a support center was established.

Power in Simplicity

We believe in keeping things simple. If there is no evidence of a real problem, then we do not endeavor to 'fix' it. This applies to a number of the exceptional solid, stable and time-proven travel resources that are available through our free online service, which continually delight our subscribers. On the other hand, where real problems exist, we utilise all means at our disposal to either enhance them or go right back to the drawing board. This applies to the entire ethos of our online service and its accessibility of which we are pioneers in conceiving and implementing both correctly and effectively. By reconciling the traditional with the contemporary, we embrace the future with a cultivated perspective. Our adhering to this simple philosophy is what maintains our superb range of travel resources, happy subscriber base, enthusiastic promoters and efficient support team.

Our Standards

The online service offered by Realistix Solutions to its subscribers is executed within a very specific framework of standards. We are highly selective as to whom we draw our travel resources from and as such we affiliated with the world’s leading travel management company, a leading travel industry supplier of niche resort rentals and further organisations of similar stature. Our choices are guided by economics without compromising quality. Through extensive research and prudent planning, we seek to minimise risk and maintain a selective, conservative and knowledgeable approach to our business.

As we continue into the future we remain committed to offering a high quality, well structured, innovative and viable choice.

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