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Frequently Asked Questions

Realistix Solutions

Q: How long has Realistix Solutions been in business ?

A: In 2005 Realistix Solutions began working on the development of several Online Booking Engine user portal and marketing projects during this time the foundation of Realistix Concierge was laid.

Q: Is Realistix Solutions  a Tour Operator ?

A: No, Realistix Solutions  is not a tour operator which means we neither arrange nor combine nor package (as defined by Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Travel Regulations 1992) travel products. Realistix Solutions is a travel resourcing organisation and as such provide Realistix Concierge to enable you to connect to those who do arrange travel products.

Realistix Concierge

Q: Is Realistix Concierge a DTMC (Discount Travel Membership Club / Holiday Club / Holiday Ownership Product) ?

A: No, Realistix Concierge is a free online subscription service providing access to collection of travel resources.

Q: What is an Online Subscription Service ?

A: An Online Subscription service  is  the same as any subscription such as to a cable/satellite TV service, a mobile telecommunications service or a magazine provider etc. An Online Subscription Service provides access to an Internet based service.

Q: What is the cost of subscription to Realistix Concierge ?

A: Subscription to Realistix Concierge is free of charge

Q: How long does a Subscription to Realistix Concierge Last ?

A: Realistix Concierge has no fixed subscription lengths.

Q: What recurring costs are there in a Subscription to Realistix Concierge ?

A: There are no recurring costs in a subscription to Realistix Concierge

Q: Can a Subscription to Realistix Concierge be cancelled ?

A: Yes, a subscription to Realistix Solutions may be cancelled at any time without penalty.

Realistix Browser Suite

Q: What is Browser Software ?

A: A browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web the most common web browsers are Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

Q: Where can I purchase a copy of the Realistix Browser Suite Software ?

A: The Realistix Browser Suite can be purchased from any of our Authorised Distributors please contact us to find your nearest Distributor.

Q: Can I Cancel a Purchase of the Realistix Browser Suite Software  ?

A: Yes, a purchase of the Realistix Browser Suite may be rescinded (cancelled) if the purchaser remits (returns) the product to the seller sealed and in its initial order

Q: Is the Realistix Browser Suite 'Discount Holiday Software'?

A: No, Realistix Browser Suite is an Internet Browser. A user of our software is entitled (at their discretion) to subscribe to our FREE Online Travel Service.

Q: Am I required to break the security seal upon a purchase of Realistix Browser Suite in order to check for possible damage?

A: No, in the unlikely event of damage, damages will be visible on the exterior of the product.


Q: Is xyz Company an Official Distributor or Promoter of Realistix Solutions Product or Service?

A: If you wish to confirm that an organisation is an Official Distributor or Promoter of Realistix Solutions please contact us.

Q: Is Realistix Solutions a Timeshare / Holiday Club Disposal Organisation ?

A: No, Realistix Solutions is the developer and maintainer of the Realistix Browser Suite and of the Realistix Concierge only and offers no services pertaining to holiday ownership disposal.

Q: Does Realistix Solutions Cold Call Customers  ?

A: No, Realistix Solutions does not and will not cold call customers or potential customers under any circumstances.

Q: Does Realistix Solutions directly own or manage any of its distributors?

A: No, Realistix Solutions does not own or operate any distributors. All our distributors are independent.

Q: Is Realistix Solutions owned, operated, managed or a subsidiary of, any active or inactive DTMC organisations?

A: No, Realistix Solutions is not owned, operated by, managed by, or a subsidiary of any DTMC organisations.

Q: Does Realistix Solutions offer or service any other Products or Services other than those mentioned in this site?

A: No, Realistix Solutions offer Realistix Browser Suite and Realistix Concierge only.

Q: I have a complaint about a distributor, what should I do?

A: Please Contact Us.

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